Best Greek Restaurants In Victoria BC

Are you searching for the best Greek restaurants in Victoria BC? You have come to the right place as we are going to list four of the best Greek restaurants in the city.

There is something very evocative about greek cuisine. Fresh cherry tomatoes, creamy feta cheese, drizzled with olive oil. Thyme infused fish paired with local wine, its the taste of summer’s delight. Whether you are a visitor to Victoria, or just a experienced local foodie, why not sample these restaurants we hand picked for you.

Ithaka Greek Restaurant

1102 Yates St

Victoria, BC



Ithaka is another family owned restaurant. They pride themselves on providing authentic cultural dishes that are healthy.

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The Black Olive

739 Pandora Ave

Victoria, BC



The Black Olive is an exquisite jewel of a restaurant just half a block from Victoria City Hall. It features a casual fine dining experience with best food. Friendly service and an ambient room make it a favourite haunt for locals and tourists alike. One never goes to the Black Olive only once. Internationally known for its Rack of Lamb and Mediterranean West Coast Cuisine, the menu features locally grown, wild and organic fare whenever possible.

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San Remo Restaurant

2709 Quadra St

Victoria, BC



San Remo was started by Greek Dino Petropoulus who moved to Victoria in 1978 and started San Remo in the early 1980’s. They as well pride themselves in authentic Greek dishes.

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Millos Restaurant

716 Burdett Ave

Victoria, BC



Millos has been around for a long time which is always a good sign. Family owned since 1978, the restaurant offers a great atmosphere with it’s open dining room.

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These are best four Greek restaurants that we have sampled in Victoria BC. At the end of the day, it’s what you find the best.

Did we miss your favourite Victoria restaurant?

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