Olive Club is Recruiting “Beta Tasters”


All of us love a good deal! But, ever feel frustrated at how time consuming it is to find a decent deal?


For these of you who love eating out, look no further! We’ve been working hard, partnering with some awesome restaurants around town, to get the deal you deserve. Olive Club is a foodie club that offer members the best deal: 2-FOR-1 or 50%-OFF on food.  We’re also totally digital, no more need to print any vouchers, coupons, or feeling overwhelmed by how many cards you have to carry around. Plus, you can enjoy the savings as often as you like.


Your happiness is important to us. If sharing your membership perks with friends makes you happy, you can bring up to 3 of your friends with you and everyone can save!


During our soft launch phase, we are asking you – the food-loving – Victorians – to “Beta Taste” for us, to make sure it is as awesome and bug-free as possible. So eat out lots, save lots, and send us your feedback to info@oliveclub.ca. In return, to reward your hard work, you will receive a 6-MONTH MEMBERSHIP FREE.


We continue to add more hot new restaurants over the next few months and we have some really exciting updates in the works.


Interested? Getting set up is easy:

  1. Checkout our Facebook page
  2. Claim the “Beta Taster” deal to get the code
  3. Sign up at oliveclub.ca using your code
  4. Bon appetite
  5. Tell us your suggestions and feedback to help us to improve

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If you are looking for deals, discounts and specials at Victoria restaurants, you can learn more about our membership options and growing list of restaurants who are part of our foodie club.


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