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Our members can enjoy exclusive 2for1 offer on all of their appetizers from 3-6pm & After 8pm, Sunday to Thursday every week. menu available online.

Offer available

  • Happy hours (3-6pm), Sundays to Thursdays
  • After 8pm, Sundays to Thursdays

We are proud to serve only meats that are naturally raised without the use of any hormones or antibiotics. Our menu items are prepared fresh from scratch with use of local sustainable products wherever possible

There are many options available for a wide variety of dietary restrictions – we would be happy to accommodate your needs.

Note: please support our restaurants to continue offering great deals by purchasing drinks with your meals. Bon Appetite. 



Bubby’s Kitchen is designed from an environmentally conscious perspective. Its unique curved bench is a cord-wood, cob structure. The wood came from local Douglas fir obtained from a small tree farm in the Cowichan that manages their forest sustainably. Mixed on site the cob is a blend of sand, clay, straw and water. Once a cob structure is dry it’s incredibly strong – like cement! There are still houses in England and elsewhere that have been standing for many hundred years just out of cob! As the cob was drying we gathered driftwood and pressed it into the top of the bench, mostly as an esthetic choice paying tribute to the ocean a few blocks away. Once the cob and cord wood bench were dry they were covered in a natural green pigment, and then lots of linseed oil was rubbed into the cob to help protect it from scratches, etc. Nothing on the cob bench is chemically manufactured, it’s all made from naturally occurring elements that surround us in the natural environment. They added cob to the pillar by the coffee area, as well as in three counter panels enhanced with driftwood. If you see green, you’ll be looking at cob!

As best as it could, Bubby’s Kitchen focused on creating a new space for people to gather that was without toxic finishes and that respected ours and the wider community’s concerns for the environment. In this aim it choses locally produced fir flooring with a water based finish, it finished the walls near the cob bench with ‘American plaster’ (a zero VOC compound – these walls feel like fine sandpaper), its floor tiles are Eco-friendly; the tables are made from crushed sunflower seeds; the tall table and counters are locally-sourced live edge maple; only low VOC paints were used; and it primarily use LED lights to save energy.

This philosophy continues with the foods we source and serve at the Kitchen. All of the beef, pork and chicken, they use is hormone and antibiotic free, naturally raised, even the bacon and hot dogs (which are made just for us). They serve Discovery Coffee which is one of the best in the city, and they share the same sustainability practices. All of their water is filtered, all of their bread, hamburger and hot dog buns use only
organic flour. And, of course, they make their soups, sauces, jams, dressings, etc. from scratch to ensure the integrity of ingredients and freshness. All of their employees are active in a stringent composting and recycling program. Recently they proudly accepted a Gold Certification from the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification program.

They are very proud and happy to share this part of the Bubby’s Kitchen story with you and are hopeful that these sorts of decisions will inspire others to check out all the ways they can create spaces and serve food conscientiously.


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