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The Mint

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Cecelia Creek Eatery

  • Victoria
  • International
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La Tortilla Mexicana

  • Victoria
  • Mexican
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Welcome to The Olive Club where you can get various discounts on your favourite local restaurants! Become a member today and benefit from the countless deals our website has to offer. It’s easy to be part of the Olive community, all you have to do is sign up for the membership. 

About The Olive Club

The Olive Club is the official distributor of discounts and deals you can use in our various partner restaurants. There are different types of deals that you can get once you sign up for a membership on the website. 

Our partner restaurants offer different dishes highlighting the cultural roots of the cuisines they feature. If you become a member of The Olive Club, you’ll be able to enjoy quality dishes at discounted prices. All you have to do is present your voucher to the restaurant and you’re good to go. 

Featured restaurants

Various restaurants have partnered with us over the years. These top-notch establishments feature different cultural dishes that people all over Canada would definitely enjoy. Here are some of the restaurants in The Olive Club roster:

The Mint

Enjoy Himalayan inspired cuisine at the Mint. Learn the culture of the ancient civilization through the dishes offered by this high-end restaurant. You’ll get a huge discount on your first visit when you sign up for The Olive Club. 

Cecelia Creek 

Explore the world at the comfort of your table inside Cecelia Creek! The restaurant features different dishes from various cultures all over the world. You won’t be eating the same meal twice when you visit Cecilia Creek. Rest assured that an adventure awaits when you visit for the first time. 

La Tortilla Mexicana

You don’t have to travel to Mexico for a chance to experience the flavourful dishes the country has to offer. Now you can visit the beautiful La Tortilla Mexicana, an establishment that features all kinds of Mexican dishes enjoyed by many. 

Yates Street Taphouse

Lay back, relax, and sip a pint of beer or two when you visit Yates Street Taphouse. You can taste artisan beers and various liquors right here in this pub. Bring a group of friends with you on your visit and enjoy overflowing discounts courtesy of The Olive Club. 

Varsa Sips + Nosh House

Out with the old and in with the new with Varsa Sips + Nosh House’s fusion cuisine. In this establishment, tradition is served right at your table but with a modern twist! You can enjoy delicious dishes specially prepared by highly trained chefs. 

Turmeric Indian Cuisine

Enjoy traditional Indian cuisine and the rich cultural heritage of the country when you visit Turmeric Indian Cuisine. You can enjoy a voucher for freebies courtesy of the Olive Club on your first visit. All you have to do is present your voucher to the cashier. 

How it Works


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